Welcome, it’s nice to meet you! 

My name is Melissa McClung and I’m a master’s level trained counselor who has worked with professionals in healthcare, medicine, and science to help them launch, find and land their dream careers for over 8 years. I’ve helped professionals just like you who are burned out, stressed, and frustrated. I know what it takes to juggle a job search while working full time, and exactly what you need to get the job you need to fit the life you want to live. I would love to get to know you, but if you’ve found me I already know a few things…

You have always been a high achiever: academically and professionally. It’s what has driven you to do more, work harder, and get through the tough things that your education and career have thrown at you. You know how to knuckle down, power through, and sacrifice. It’s just that you honestly expected that the sacrifice would have paid off by now and it hasn’t, so now you’re scared. Is this just what adulting is? Did you choose the wrong career? Will it be like this for the rest of your working life?

After working with 200+ clients in the last 5 years, I can promise you that it doesn’t have to be and that you can take control and choose something better.

I can take you from

  • Stressed about your finances and living paycheck to paycheck
  • Frustrated with your boss and co-workers who don’t respect or appreciate you
  • Drained by the end of the day, leaving little time for family, socializing and exercise
  • Dreading Monday and living for Saturday
  • Underperforming at work, or putting in more effort than you are being paid for

And turn it into

  • Using your favorite skills at work most of the time
  • Appreciation from your boss and coworkers because you are aligned to the companies mission and values
  • Enough time and energy outside of work for the things that are important to you— whatever that is!
  • Compensation that matches your effort at work and the sacrifices you’ve made in the past


The Dream Job Program includes

1-90 minute session to discuss goals, skills, and strategy plans.

Personalized PDF detailing the weekly and monthly plans and the goals/priorities of the search.

Support in creating a resume that is more successful, easier to tailor, and will allow you to quickly respond to positions that pique your interest.

Regular check-ins (email or Voxer). These are to keep you on track and ensure that you are meeting your goals.

Sourced positions from LinkedIn to apply to weekly. Usually this is 1-2 positions that have been posted that week. These are sourced using a virtual assistant but confidentiality is maintained and you can opt out of this service.

Weekly private podcast trainings on topics from networking to encouragement and many in between. These are available in the VIP Portal.

Course access. Instructions will be sent after payment but you will get access to all my course content related to writing a professional resume, interviewing, and salary negotiation and all my support around these topics.

LinkedIn Profile review and suggestions including strategy for attraction, visibility, and networking.

Personalized portfolio support during salary negotiation. While the course will teach you how to negotiate and put together a portfolio, for clients in this program you get both course access and the additional support.

Access to my network of over 16,000 on LinkedIn, most in healthcare, medicine and science. I regularly introduce clients to people where they recently applied and, while it doesn’t “get them the job” it does often help them clarify if they want to work there or not.

Unlimited Voxer or email support. I mean it when I say I’m here to help you solve your problems that you run into in your job search. I want to know how I can support you, and do not limit this. I respond to emails within 24 hours and Voxer messages within 12 hours.

Flex time-60 minutes. During the course of your search you may need additional support. I have 15-minute, 30-minute and 60-min sessions that you can book up to 60-minutes. This doesn’t include Voxer time, email support or support related to any of the previous offerings.

The cost for this program is $459/mo for 6 months but access is guaranteed until you land your dream job!

Schedule and buy here: https://calendly.com/lbdcareers/dream-job-intensive