MIND YOUR CAREER: Job Search Like an Entrepreneur Without Becoming One

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This is the last job search book you will ever need. 

Are you bored or burned out? Tired of chaotically searching for jobs? Wishing you had the freedom to work for yourself– but you don’t? 

Do you need a map that gets you from fatigued to fulfilled in a way that honors your deepest needs… without going back to school, taking an enormous pay-cut, or wading through hundreds of rejection letters? 

In this step-by-step and thoughtful guide, Melissa McClung presents a proven solution that will help you navigate your career opportunities now and for decades to come. 

In Mind Your Career, you will find:

  • Simple self-discovery tools to identify your intersection of passion and profitability
  • Best practices for LinkedIn and developing meaningful professional relationships– even with strangers
  • A call to action that helps you ask for the job you want with success

Mind Your Career equips readers with the keys to navigating passion at work through mid-career so you never have to settle and can live the free and passionate life of an entrepreneur even when you work for someone else.

Hi! I'm Melissa

I have been helping professionals change careers and industries for over 12 years, working in academia, corporate America and private practice.  I know what it takes to thrive working for someone else and what it takes to build a profitable business. I believe that everyone can use the basic tools of self-discovery, branding, and relationship building to free themselves from the endless applications. Build the life that YOU want to build!  

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