Dream Job Rebel Foundations: Get the job of your dreams without playing a job search game that isn't designed for you to win

A 12-week course and group coaching program to help you get really clear on your value and then sell that value for positions that don’t even exist yet.

Stop playing the job search game, getting ghosted on great opportunities or hearing they went with a “more qualified” applicant 20 seconds after applying. 

You want to have a career that gets you excited every day. You want that feeling of meaning and fulfillment…

But you’re just not sure how to get it. You know you have a lot to offer but your resume isn’t getting picked up or you can’t find a job worth even applying for.

The longer you wait, the more sure you are that there is something you’re missing. 

COVID has changed the job market, and if you want to be competitive, it’s time for a new set of tactics. I’ve been coaching job seekers for 9 years and I know what it takes to be successful…

Now I’m teaching it like never before LIVE November 2 through February 19. 

This is for you if…

You’re an amazing professional, with at least 5 years experience in your field, who is tired of being told no in your job search, and you’re ready to write your own ticket for a fulfilling career.

  • You have already invested (A LOT) into your education and career.
  • You desperately want to have a meaningful impact.
  • You’re ambitious and highly motivated to succeed.
  • You bring immense value to your organization, but you’re not getting recognized for it.
  • You know your big career dreams are attainable—you just don’t know how to get there.

Only 70% of open jobs are ever posted online, that means that 30% of jobs are accessed only through networking. This tactic is not easy, but it will cut down on competition and increase the odds of you finding the exact right fit for you.

Introducing the Dream Job Foundations course, my system for helping you build the career of your dreams and create the life you know is waiting for you without handing over your control, your sanity, or your options to head-hunters and recruiters. 

During this 12- week accelerator, you’ll:

  • Discover and communicate exactly what you bring to the table to have the successful, fulfilling career of your dreams
  • Transform yourself from a contributor into a leader who is capable of asking for what they need
  • Receive coaching that’s highly tailored to you and your specific goals
  • Be surrounded by a group supporting you, cheering you on, and giving you feedback
  • Create a systematic plan for your job search that allows you to network your way to better fit
  • Finally create a career you love so you can have the life you deserve

Unlike other programs for career development, this accelerator is not one size fits all. I’m working with you every step of the way to plan your career goals and help you get there. 


My Story

Hi, I’m Melissa, and my goal is to help everyone build a life they don’t need a vacation from. 

I’m a master’s trained counselor and a Christian woman, and I compassionately help people move through the fears that are holding them back in their career. I like to say that I’m shining a light on their worth.

Because it is that worth that forms the foundation we need to help you embrace your value and passion.

I’m on a mission to help professionals in healthcare, medicine, and science have fulfilling careers and meaningful impact because I remember how it felt not to have that.

I wanted to love my career as a counselor, but after committing myself to climbing the ladder of higher education and corporate promotion, I just didn’t.

I realized that I needed a different path, and I wanted to help others who were struggling to find meaning and impact and passion in their own professional lives. This accelerator is designed to teach you the basics of what has helped me grow a business entirely from scratch into one that is helping me live my every dream. 

I want that for you too, and can’t wait to see it happen. 


When I reached out to Melissa I felt like I had some very clear thoughts of what I did not want in my career based on my experience and some vague ideas of what I really did want. We had an introductory conversation where Melissa’s empathy and relatability shined quickly in her personality and I automatically felt like “this is someone that could understand me!”. She asked me questions that really helped me dig deeper, supported my accomplishments and plan towards my goals thus far and later, provided me with a strong, clear and measurable plan forward to achieve my goals. Feeling like an already very confident individual, talking to Melissa boosted my confidence even more! Thank you and it is such a pleasure that we are connected! 

Majd Ello
Customer Success Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melissa this year during my career search. Melissa enabled me to look at the search in creative ways and to focus on my unique skill set and personal goals. The journey was challenging and Melissa’s positive attitude kept me on track and I landed a new career! She is a great listener and I can confidently recommend Melissa to assist you in your career search.

Denise Palatas, BSN, MSM
Sr. Neuroscience Sales Specialist

Melissa was critical in helping me make a career move I could be proud of. She listened to my needs, helped me clarify my career goals and position requirements, developed a custom job search plan, prepared me for interviews and negotiations, and celebrated my accomplishments with me. She remains a trusted executive coach for me to this day.

Jacqueline Hill, PhD, MPH
Director, Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa for over a year. I initially contacted Melissa to help me with my resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing process. As, I worked more closely with Melissa, I found that she was MORE than a service. She is a career and life coach that helped me “reset” by providing expertise knowledge that was tailored to my needs. She boosted my level of comfort and confidence that helped me to land my dream job! She was instrumental in helping me understand the “why, who and what” behind every question or scenario. I highly recommend Melissa if you are looking for Career Coach that goes above and beyond in meeting your specific needs and LOVES to see you succeed.

Cynthia Wenske
Hemophilia Education Manager


Melissa is a powerful coach because of her extensive experience across science, medicine, and health careers; her genuine compassion and enthusiasm; and her curiosity in identifying new career paths together. She is invaluable counsel in recognizing the many opportunities in my current work world and beyond;  gaining insight into strengths/weaknesses; and linking together colleagues to learn from one another.  She continuously “thinks outside the box” with career opportunities and cheerleads throughout the arduous job seeking process. She quickly cuts to the heart of situations, adeptly helps clients make their best decisions, and inspires hope everyday!

Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson, Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center

Melissa helped me several months ago when I was contemplating looking for a new job. She had a very insightful activity that helped me understand what things I liked and didn’t like about my current role, and helped me identify the most important aspects of a career that I was wanting in my next role (and the aspects that I wanted to avoid). She encouraged me so much. She is very knowledgeable and offers great career advice. I highly recommend her services.

Grace Fischer
Packaging Designer

Melissa is my career coach hero. She quickly and effectively distilled my career hopes, dreams, wins and losses into tangible feedback and direction which I’m currently utilizing in my job search and interviewing. Melissa is incredibly responsive, provides a ton of value aside from her contracted deliverables and in general, has been a major support system throughout my job search (a generally scary time for most!). I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Melissa and happily referring her to my network.

Kyle Donovan
Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist


I can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with Melissa! She lends a gentle and supportive tone and guides you with incredible insight and experience. When Melissa and I had our first call, she asked me questions that helped me unpack what my skills are and what skills I developed while I was at my last position. I am beyond pleased with the collaboration and guidance Melissa has offered me. I highly recommend Melissa and LBD Careers, LLC.

Clare Stearn
Director of Children and Youth Ministry

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you guarantee results?

Yes, but I want to be very specific about what results you will achieve. If you show up to every class, complete the practice assignments and engage with me when you hit obstacles you will have a path and a plan that helps you communicate your value to employers and write your own job description from a solution-oriented perspective. You most likely won’t have your dream job at the end of this course, but you will be on a path that WILL lead to that if you commit to it. 

Why 12-Weeks? Can i quit early?

The 12-week commitment is to you and your results, and to your cohort and theirs. This is designed to help you build the foundation that will allow you to launch your careers in amazing ways, but that will take time. No refunds will be offered for partial completion. Here’s what to expect each week:

Week 1- Plotting your path out. Where are you going?
Week 2- Understanding your skills. What value do you bring?
Week 3- Communicating your skills. How do you create a value proposition?
Week 4- Communication part 2. Who is your audience? What’s in it for them?
Week 5- Practicing networking conversations. How to use LinkedIn and more?
Week 6- The mind of the decision maker. How do you position yourself compellingly?
Week 7- Creating your perfect list. Who do you want to work for? 
Week 8- The 8 touches you need to hear yes. What is the process for networking? 
Week 9- Autopiloting your search. What plan do you need for your goal and timeline?
Week 10- Countering objections. How do you move someone to a decision?
Week 11- Creative problem solving. What happens when you hit roadblocks? 
Week 12- Putting it all together. What can you expect next? 


I’m not assertive at all and can’t sell myself, Will I have to do that?

Your career development is not going to look like anyone else’s. I always encourage all my clients, and will encourage you also, to find the process and the method that works best for you. The framework is flexible enough to allow for personality differences but you WILL have to talk to people about the value you can bring– I’ll just teach you how to do that even if you’re shy, introverted, or it’s hard. 

How do i know this is right for me?

If all the information on this page isn’t enough to convince you that this program is right for you, reach out to me at melissamcclung@live.com. I want you to be really sure what you are getting into! 

What if I am a clinical practitioner wanting to leave clinical practice?

Yup! It’s for you too. Thanks for the incredible work you do, but you get to decide what blend of clinical and administrative work is right for you. 

Who Else is in the program?

Professionals just like you who have 5+ years of experience in their field and who are looking to do some really meaningful work, but are tired of the song and dance of applications and ghosting. They are people who are ready to take control of their job search. 

For those of you that scrolled to the end, here’s the highlights:


The Dream Job Foundations course is for professionals with 5+ years of experience in their field and want to be more successful in finding a job that fulfills them and allows them to have massive impact. All the details of each week are listed in the FAQ. The program is $899 and runs from November 2, 2020 through February 19, 2021 with three weeks of no new content (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s). I believe in you and want you to be successful. Let’s get started!


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