What If You Could Land Your Dream Job And Take Your Life and work To The Next Level with just 5 minutes each day?

Most professionals know the great impact that landing their dream job will create…

But there’s a huge problem…

The problem is they don’t know how to find it quickly, systematically, and in a predictable manner.


So despite your achievements in higher education and advancements in your career, you operate with uncertainty

Uncertainty that leads to feelings of inadequacy
Uncertainty that leads to demotivation
Uncertainty that leads to unsuccessful job interviews

Despite your huge sacrifices to building your credentials, your self-esteem is still rock-bottom (you still feel like you’re missing out and not truly creating the type of impact you deeply desire)

You miss every opportunity to move your dream job search forward.
The life you want for yourself and your family seems more out of reach as the days go by
And you resign to the fact that you’ll never be able to do the things that matter most to you

What If I Told You that there’s an easier path to land that
elusive dream job?

The kind of job where you feel accomplished and recognized as THE significant contributor that you are
The kind of job that compensates you based on the value you bring to the company and the industry
The kind of job that allows you to spend more quality time with your loved ones

How would this change your job search?

You’d be uber positive like Jennifer Lawrence who acknowledged her failures early in her career, yet kept moving forward until she got the huge, huge break she deserves.

You’d be bursting at the seams to talk to interviewers and show what you can bring to the table as you anticipate how your conversations will go.

And you’d definitely be sending job applications left and right, making your next problem a good one because of the flood of offers solidly booking your schedule!

All it takes is 5 short minutes everyday to manage this process and I’ll show you exactly how you can apply this to your job search.

Enter…The Solid Fix…

“The Dream Job Tracker”

A literal plug-n-play resource that allows you to manage your job search in 5 minutes per day.


This one-time-only offer is the easiest way to regain control of your job search and land your dream job.



Get Instant Access to The Dream Job Tracker

Yes, I Want To Grab The Dream Job Tracker Now

But you don’t have to take my word for it….

What’s Included

 The Dream Job Tracker Trello board (Value $97)

 If you’re confused as to how to organize your job search this Trello board is for you.

 Loaded with instructions… In it, you’ll have fingertips access to every job description, resume and cover letter submitted (in the cloud so you’re always ready for the next employer callback!)

 Calendar Syncing

 Knowing when to follow up is key to landing your dream job. And having this scheduled in your calendar makes it more real. This feature of the Dream Job Tracker will help you get a tighter grip on your follow up sequence.

 All this visually mapped out so you know exactly where you are in every job application!

To help you do this in half the time, I added 3 additional bonuses!

 Bonus 1 Video strategy trainings  (value $97)

Achieve your goals ASAP, with this series of videos that will show you how to get 2-3 months off your job search like how it has helped thousands of students of mine.

 Bonus 2 Follow up training (value $97)

Get your applications noticed and your follow up messages opened and read! With this bonus training you’ll learn the art of follow up for maximum response rates!

 Bonus 3 Plus word per word scripts (value $97)

Never be at a loss for words to say (or write) on your initial follow ups. These word per word scripts will give you countless ideas on how to start your message, what to include in it, and how to ask for a reply without seeming too needy or pushy


The truth is I could easily charge $500 for the bonuses alone. They’re exclusive training you’ll have lifetime access to saving you A LOT of sweat, time, and money!

This is for you if:

 You’ve invested A LOT in your education and career to get to where you desire to be

You know you’re a valuable asset to any company and deserve more work-life balance now

 You’ve helped people throughout your career to step up the corporate ladder too

 You want to receive the right rewards and recognition because of your exceptional job performance

 You want to spend more time on things and people that mean the most to you aside from your job

This is not for you if:

 You don’t want to commit to a proven process that will lead you to your dream job.

 You say you don’t have the time to apply to open positions and just expect your dream job to land on your lap

 You’re afraid and don’t want to communicate your unique value to prospective employers

 Or simply put, you’re not willing to do the work to achieve your goals.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Melissa and I help professionals in healthcare, medicine, and the sciences communicate their worth and position themselves for their dream jobs.

I teach and give them the tools to land their dream jobs in 9 months or less without losing career progress or going back to school.

I am also a mother and wife and I’m building this business for my family. Because of this I get to enjoy more special moments with them.

I started my business in 2015 which took off and continued to grow year after year because of the demand from my previous students and faculty from the University of Kansas Medical Center. They simply wanted to continue getting my expertise and support for their own careers. From there on, I was being referred left and right because of the incredible success rate they were getting.

I’d ask you to trust me on this, but hey, I’d rather you decide for yourself…

I completely understand what you’re going through. Because I’ve been in your shoes and have worked my way up the career ladder for X number of years …only to be laid off from what I perceived to be my dream job!

But I didn’t allow that setback to stop me from pursuing the life I’ve dreamed of living for me and my family. So I speak from experience that it is possible to get both, your dream career and your dream life. And I’ve been living the dream since 2015!

 The techniques that I teach my clients are the exact things that I did to make a stumbling block my stepping stone to the kind of life I want to live.

And as I worked in academia and corporate for 5 full years helping countless students and faculty, it has helped them improve their mindsets and approach to pursuing their career and life goals and got them up to 30% increase of their annual income!

Most importantly, I got your back. Because the truth is, in taking action to go after your dreams you might start to feel uneasy, stressed, and sometimes, you may even doubt yourself. But even if it would feel hard, the reward will be worth it if you stick with the process, because it’ll be the life you want.

At the end of it, you’ll have the momentum and action plan which you can go back to again and again. Then you’ll have nowhere else to go but up!

What do you feel you really deserve?

If you’re still wondering what type of return you’ll get from this investment, check out several of my student’s results and what they have to say…


I am so proud to call Melissa a colleague. She is intelligent, creative and loves to take on new tasks and challenges. When we train our interns, we hope that they will think of higher education career services as an option after they graduate. I was delighted when I learned of Melissa’s destination after she graduated, knowing that she had many options from which to choose. During her year with us, she quickly mastered the training and moved on to advanced projects; the outcome of which we still benefit from today. She will always be a strong contributor, no matter where she lands, but I am especially happy that her contributions will benefit college students. She has a keen sense of what is right to do at the right time. I am looking forward to seeing her progress.

Melissa was an absolute joy to supervise and work with! She proved herself to be an eager and enthusiastic learner who always wanted to contribute to our office to the best of her ability. Melissa’s passion for working with students was always apparent and she quickly developed keen skills essential to career services. I am very proud to have worked with her and look forward to watching her career grow.

I have had the pleasure to work with Melissa on many career and professional development activities at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Her dedication to the students and professionals at our institution has been evident in every interaction. Her strong collaborative nature has been essential to the success of the programs on which we worked together, and her innovation has served to develop lively and diverse opportunities on our campus. She is personable and truly invested in each person she works with, addressing their unique skills and goals to help them find success. I would highly recommend Melissa to others and am confident that her dedication and professionalism will bring great success in all her endeavors.

Melissa helped me several months ago when I was contemplating looking for a new job. She had a very insightful activity that helped me understand what things I liked and didn’t like about my current role, and helped me identify the most important aspects of a career that I was wanting in my next role (and the aspects that I wanted to avoid). She encouraged me so much. She is very knowledgable and offers great career advice. I highly recommend her services.

Melissa is efficient, organized, creative, and a great team player. During Melissa’s time in our office, I was impressed with her ability to take on and accomplish projects. In addition, she stayed current with trends in our field and always shared new ideas and perspectives with our team. She consistently volunteered to take on new tasks and get involved across campus to build new relationships. It was a pleasure working with Melissa!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melissa this year during my career search. Melissa enabled me to look at the search in creative ways and to focus on my unique skill set and personal goals. The journey was challenging and Melissa’s positive attitude kept me on track and I landed a new career! She is a great listener and I can confidently recommend Melissa to assist you in your career search.

Melissa is organized and skilled in developing plans and goals to improve current business processes. Melissa is also a student-centered professional who provides quality career coaching and advice to the individuals she serves.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get access to the file/s immediately?

After your purchase you’ll receive an email confirmation with login credentials to access your resources.

What kind of profession is the tracker meant for?

Any mid-career professional can use the tracker.

I’m not assertive at all and can’t sell myself, will this work for me?

The tracker has been created to help you feel more confident in taking the necessary steps to gain a higher volume of positive responses during your job-search.

What if I don’t know where to start my job hunt, will this work for me?

Yes! The video training gives you insight as to where to start first so that you can be successful.

What if I can’t do this on my own?

As mentioned, I got your back. I can provide you more tools and resources at different price points. Just send me an email at melissamcclung@live.com

What if I want more help other than the tracker?

I thought you’d never ask and there’s more where that came from. Simply email me at melissamcclung@live.com

What if I don’t like it and decide this isn’t for me?

My commitment has always been to create products that I myself will use. But I stand by my 30 day 100% Money back guarantee. Just email me with proof that you’ve applied the resource for at least 30 days, and if you don’t see positive results forward, I will gladly refund you in full.

As a recap, with the Dream Job Tracker you’ll get:

 Exactly where you are in the job search process and when to follow-up beyond the “thanks for applying” emails employers send out automatically.

 Exactly which jobs you’ve applied to so that you’re never caught off guard for an impromptu phone screening or on-the-spot interview request

 How to gauge whether you are on the right track and whether or not you have enough job applications to receive a healthy number of responses.

I so badly want to see you prosper and land the position that will set you up for long-term happiness and success, now it’s time for you to make a decision.

The Dream Job Tracker is worth $500, but because I value fast-action, I’m giving away this exclusive access for only $37! Yes, really!

Yes, I Want To Grab The Dream Job Tracker Now

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