How to Change Your Curriculum Vitae to a Resume (and show them what you can really do)

March 26th 11am-12pm CST








What we will cover in this webinar:

   My exact framework to create a resume that performs well, without having to spend hours on every application

The top 3 mistakes EVERYONE makes when they try to translate clinical and research skills to careers outside of medicine and science

The SECRET to being really clear on what you’re looking for so you get the right calls and have the right offers

*This free training is NOT suitable for those that are seeking careers outside of the U.S. labor markets as the material can be widely different from country to country.

Hi! I'm Melissa

I am passionate about helping professionals in healthcare, medicine and science find the DREAM JOB for them. To me, that means a job that allows them to use their favorite skills, leaves enough energy for outside of work, and compensates them for their effort. Learn more about me at

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