Finding your dream job isn’t easy. If you are stuck and not sure where to start these questions can get you started!

1. What are you interested in?

Interests are a great place to start because most people are aware of the things that they find interesting, even if they don’t know how to make money doing them.

2. What are your work values?

Work values are individualized and as unique as fingerprints. Unlike fingerprints they change over the course of your career. If your current job isn’t working for you even though you are successful, work values mismatch is likely the culprit.

3. What does the market have available now?

Use to see what career paths are available, the average salary, the projected openings, and the salary range.

4. What lifestyle do you want to have?

Creating a sample budget to factor in the things that are most important to you now and what you think will be important to you 10 years from now helps you to solidify whether or not investment is a smart choice.

5. What skills do you have now?

Everyone has them! How you have demonstrated your skills is critical to making a case for scholarships, admission essays and interviews.

6. What skills do you need to develop?

Everyone has these too. Knowing your blind spots allows you to build skills and demonstrate great problem solving.

7. Who is doing work that you’re interested in?

Networking is the way to get your dream job! You need to connect with people doing work that you find interesting and ask good questions to learn more.

8. What is the future of your industry?

15 years ago YouTube didn’t exist but now people are YouTube millionaires. Knowing where an industry is can be useful, knowing where it’s headed is vital.

9. What investment are you willing to make to get trained?

College isn’t for everyone, but it is for some. Know what you’re prepared to invest in both time and money before deciding on a path.

10. How do I know this job is right for me?

Understanding the qualities overall that make a job right for you helps you be ready to pivot when you hit a roadblock. Even a dream job will grow and change (or you will) so be ready to start the exploration process again and revisit it regularly.

If you need help with this or other questions reach out to me to schedule a strategic planning session today!