One of the resources that I recommend most, for both teens and adults, is the resource MyNextMove. This website is maintained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and includes a depth of information on all the traditional work options available in the US workforce.

Getting Started

If you’re not sure where to get started, and you are open to any options, you should start with the free career assessment on the right hand side of the screen. This assessment is similar to the Self Directed Search that you may have taken in high school but it also includes a “Job Zone” section which allows you to customize based on if you plan to go to college (job zone 4). This assessment takes around 20 minutes total.

If you are an adult in the workforce looking to make a change, it can be useful to start by looking at the careers by industry as they are likely to have similar Knowledge, Skills and Abilities as your current work.

Bright Outlook Occupations

Bright Outlook designated professions are a great place to start as these are statistically likely to grow quickly or have openings due to retirement that will need to be filled. Any occupation on MyNextMove that has a sun icon next to it is designated as a Bright Outlook occupation.

Wealth of Information

Each occupation page includes the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for each position as well as some additional information that will help you make a decision. It will also include the typical education for someone in that role, and the average salary. Lastly, there is a list of related occupations which can allow you to search through those that are interesting to you.


MyNextMove is a powerful resource for job seekers and for those exploring careers. Check out the free webinar Helping Your Teen Find Career Success to learn more about what to do after you have explore careers on MyNextMove.