Are you ready for this?

I have been working on a program for teens for FIVE YEARS and coming up with the best and most effective ways to save parents money.

Today it launched and I’m now accepting students!!

I guarantee you that your teen’s school is not preparing them for successful career decision making. Their college degree program or trade school will not prepare them for successful career decision making.

Leaving it up to chance is COSTLY.

40% of students who start a college program do not finish it within six years.

Changing majors usually results in lost credits.

Graduate school or more schooling is not the answer.

Internships are not available. Practical, hands on experience is difficult to get.

This program will teach teens how to…

… explore interests and strengths

… evaluate potential career paths for suitability

… connect with professionals in the world of work who can help them get the info they need to make a decision

And so much more.

Five weeks. All the tools they need. Affordable and personalized guided career decision making.

If you have a teen 16-19 you can’t afford NOT to have them in this program.