LBD was designed around my passion for helping successful careerists find the “right fit” job for them, but why does that matter so much?

The Right Fit Flows

Flow is a psychological construct described by Mihaly Csiksszentmihalyi that explains the old adage “time flies when you’re having fun.” In a work context the right fit job allows you to be maximally productive and spend more time in Flow.

The Right Fit Pays

The right fit for you is also a right fit for your employer. Being aware of your unique talents, skills and expertise allows you to not only find the right fit, but communicate that fit to employers. This translates into a more competitive negotiating position.

The Right Fit Thrives

Burnout is a common problem among my clients and many believe that burnout is just a by-product of working. However, when my clients have completed working with me and they are in the right fit job, they report back to me that the burnout has resolved.


If you are in a job today where you are not thriving, not optimally productive, and not valued by your employer then you are not in the right fit for you! While job searching and job changing can be stressful, the grass on the other side really is greener. Contact me today to talk about how to identify, find, and get your right fit job!