The most intimidating thing about changing your life is making the decision that there is something about your life that you don’t love. This is where I meet most of my clients and, if we haven’t met yet, I look forward to getting to know you. I believe that everyone has a right to work that they love, and I believe the first step in determining what you would love about work is to take a look at your work values. I start all new clients with a values assessment so lets take a peek behind the curtain and look at why values are so important.

What are Work Values

Work values are the things that motivate you to do your job, or that are motivating you to leave the job that you have. While it is true that most people leave jobs because they don’t get along great with the people they work with, there are vast swaths of people staying in jobs that are no longer fulfilling because they¬†do love the people they are working with. Finding out what fulfillment means to you can help you ask critical questions to determine if your current work is the right fit, or if is time to try on something new.

The Importance of Fulfillment

We spend almost 1/3 of our adult lives at work, another 1/3 is spent sleeping, and the last is reserved for leisure or family activities. If you had a problem sleeping so that it was seriously impacting the other parts of your life, would you visit a doctor? A negative work environment is linked to overall dissatisfaction with life, creates problems in our relationships, and negatively impacts our health. What if, instead, you could go to work energized (at least most days)? Feeling like you were getting something other than a paycheck? Feeling like it was time well spent?

More to come…