Hello, I’m Melissa

Career Coach for Healthcare, Medicine and Science Professionals


I believe that every professional deserves to have a career that allows them to use their favorite skills (most of the time), compensates them well for their effort, and leaves them enough time and energy for their passions. Here is what you can expect:


Find the Path

A comprehensive evaluation of what your skills, values and goals prepare you to do.


Customized plan to find the RIGHT job for you, not just the first available.

Customized to you

Every job search is different and each piece is custom for your specific search.

Application Support

No guesswork best-in-industry resumes, interviewing support, and negotiation profiles.

Job Search Made Easy

Know exactly what to do with confidence that it will help you achieve your goals.

Creative Problem-solving

Address problems head-on with a collaborative, solution-based approach.

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Melissa is such a wonderful coach to work with! She is very consistent with her support and she helped me to figure out a clear sense of direction, as I embarked on the next steps of my career path. Melissa is thorough and has a unique person centered approach which has made her very reliable throughout this process. She helped to open up my world to opportunities that I never knew were a possibility. I highly recommend Melissa!

Anita Muganda, People and Systems Expert

Once you work with Melissa, she's always on the watch for positions that might be a good match. She's great at really uncovering what you're looking for and helping point you in the right direction to achieve it. She contacted me about a position recently. It wasn't even on my radar, but she has a gift for connecting people and seeing the possibilities. I'm now in the position, loving it and enjoying a better work-life balance. She's thoughtful, responsive and a joy to work with. I would recommend her 100%!

Kristy Gagnon, Telehealth Communications Manager

Melissa was extremely helpful, counseling me on my career path and the interviewing process. She taught me what to expect and she was spot on. She guided me to the best websites to look for opportunities, reviewed my resume and gave me useful feedback and gave me goals and expectations regarding how many resumes to send and how many call backs to expect. She really set my mind at ease and helped me land my dream job! Thank you, Melissa!

Carrie Armour, Territory Account Manager

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Getting Started

The most intimidating thing about changing your life is making the decision that there is something about your life that you don't love. This is where I meet most of my clients and, if we haven't met yet, I look forward to getting to know you. I believe that everyone...